Nuremberg Christmas Market

This is by far Germany’s most noted area for Christmas Markets.  It opens for visitors in the midst of the city, at Nuremberg Main Square Market.  And how magnificently it opens, with the spectacle of a Christmas Angel giving a solemn recitation at 5:30 p.m. the Friday just prior to the first Advent Sunday.

There are 180 wooden stalls featured, decked in brightly coloured cloth.  From this, the Christmas Market derived its name “Little Town of Wood and Cloth.”  And stall holders offer their wares to visitors everything from Nuremberg spicy gingerbread to bakery goods and sweets, to fruit loaves and traditional holiday items such as Christmas tree ornaments, angels, cribs, toys, and arts & crafts items.

Some suggestions as to what food items to try at the Nuremberg Christmas Markets include sampling the little charcoal-grilled sausages, the Nuremberg bratwursts, and for dessert, gingerbread which comes in many varieties.

But don’t spend so much time with the food that you miss the rest of what makes the Market so charming.  Take a stroll through the strolls to view the tempting crafts and Christmas offerings, especially for nativity cribs, and much more.

Nuremberg has so thoroughly depicted the image of the Christmas Markets that other Markets look to it as the ideal to live up to.

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